My Interview With Anastasia Lee

Anastasia Lee is thriving. She has a great career, a son, a family and a full life. She’s an activist for animal welfare and foster children. Her life could have been so much different. Anastasia was born in Russia. When she was a little girl, she (along with her younger sister) was placed in an orphanage. The odds of her being adopted were not in her favor. Yet, she was adopted, and her life was changed forever. Anastasia came to the United States not knowing English or anything about America.
In our interview, we discuss the dynamics of being adopted, learning a new culture, how she views being adopted and why she doesn’t like Halloween.


My Interview With Viktoria Romanova

Are you looking for an inspirational story to begin your day? Consider watching my interview with Viktoria Romanova as she shares her story.

Viktoriia had a nightmare. She dreamed her two year old daughter, Eva, had a blood disease. Imagine the horror she felt when the nightmare came true. Eva had leukemia.

This nightmare had a happy ending. This year Eva, now 8, won the Determination Award at her elementary school! She’s alive and thriving! Click on the link to watch:

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Interview With Irina Alexander

www.dropbox.com/s/higheaxfjj5lh3y/Determined people pod episode 4 Audio_01.mp3

Growing up in her native Russia, Irina Alexander always wanted to be a teacher. Her mother persuaded her to major in business because teachers make very little money. So, Irina earned her MBA, built a business in a male-dominated industry with over $1 million in revenue in under two years, and found herself in the top 1.6% of all woman-owned businesses. Today, she is a teacher. She teaches Neurolinguistics Programming and helps people free themselves from behaviors that don’t serve them well. She does this by getting to the root of the problem and guiding her clients to remove the root. Through her journey, Irina found the root of one of her problems which she willingly shares here.


Podcast Episode #56: Dr. Yuliya Salmeron


When Yuliya Salmeron was 19 years old, she tearfully said goodbye to her mother and boarded a bus for the Moscow Airport. Yuliya wasn’t sure she would ever see her mother again, but Yuliya wanted a better life for herself and her family. This brought her to the United States.
After first arriving in New York, she ended up in Cleveland, slept 2 nights in the Cleveland bus station because she had nowhere to go, and finally secured a job cleaning a restaurant at night. Her English, while proficient at understanding others, wasn’t conversational so Yuliya took the brave step of working in a diner, forcing her to interact with the English-speaking customers. She enrolled in college, and after a demeaning conversation with a former work colleague, something ignited inside her. Yuliya Salmeron was going to combine her artistic and technical skills and become a dentist!
Through a lot of hard work and determination, Yuliya graduated in the top 3% of her dental class. She knew where she wanted to go, but God had a better plan…
Yuliya’s story of grit, determination, perseverance and faith will inspire you. Today she is the proud owner of EDGE Endodontics, but it wasn’t easy getting there…