Podcast Episode #56: Dr. Yuliya Salmeron


When Yuliya Salmeron was 19 years old, she tearfully said goodbye to her mother and boarded a bus for the Moscow Airport. Yuliya wasn’t sure she would ever see her mother again, but Yuliya wanted a better life for herself and her family. This brought her to the United States.
After first arriving in New York, she ended up in Cleveland, slept 2 nights in the Cleveland bus station because she had nowhere to go, and finally secured a job cleaning a restaurant at night. Her English, while proficient at understanding others, wasn’t conversational so Yuliya took the brave step of working in a diner, forcing her to interact with the English-speaking customers. She enrolled in college, and after a demeaning conversation with a former work colleague, something ignited inside her. Yuliya Salmeron was going to combine her artistic and technical skills and become a dentist!
Through a lot of hard work and determination, Yuliya graduated in the top 3% of her dental class. She knew where she wanted to go, but God had a better plan…
Yuliya’s story of grit, determination, perseverance and faith will inspire you. Today she is the proud owner of EDGE Endodontics, but it wasn’t easy getting there…


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