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Interview With Irina Alexander

www.dropbox.com/s/higheaxfjj5lh3y/Determined people pod episode 4 Audio_01.mp3

Growing up in her native Russia, Irina Alexander always wanted to be a teacher. Her mother persuaded her to major in business because teachers make very little money. So, Irina earned her MBA, built a business in a male-dominated industry with over $1 million in revenue in under two years, and found herself in the top 1.6% of all woman-owned businesses. Today, she is a teacher. She teaches Neurolinguistics Programming and helps people free themselves from behaviors that don’t serve them well. She does this by getting to the root of the problem and guiding her clients to remove the root. Through her journey, Irina found the root of one of her problems which she willingly shares here.


Prayers of Gratitude

Most of my prayers are prayers of gratitude. Every good thing we have is a gift from our Creator. Our heartbeats, fresh air and our minds are things we oftentimes take for granted, yet without them we wouldn’t function well. Remember to say thank you to the One who supplies our every need…