What You See…

The movie, “Rocket Man” demonstrated that things aren’t always as they seem. Here you have an internationally celebrated creative artist who has everything most people want: money, fame, influence and more. Yet what he wanted most was love. It almost cost him his life.

How often do we meet people who seem to have it all together but are living in fear and insecurity? Try to see through to the heart of others, who they really are rather than what they portray. Let your guard down, and theirs will come down. Who knows? You might be that persons last, best hope…#heart #purpose #drive #desire #inspiration #encouragement



What is your image of humility? Is it a person who has their head down? Someone lacking confidence?

Humility means thinking of yourself less, not thinking less of yourself. A humble person does the right thing, leading with a servants heart, and doesn’t care who gets the credit. Our world needs more humble leaders. Lead with humility…#heart #purpose #drive #desire #inspiration #humility #encouragement


One More…

When you are trying to find a solution, and you believe you have exhausted all possibilities, try one more time. Think differently about whatever it is you’re facing. See it as solvable. Try again. And again. And again. Keep going…#heart #possibilities #purpose #discovery #drive #desire #inspiration #encouragement


Mirror Mirror…

People can be irritating, and they can be uplifting. It depends upon the person, their situation at the time, and what your attitude is when you’re together. Perhaps you are looking for more from them than they can give you at that time. We all have off days. If you meet someone new, how much can you expect from them emotionally as you are getting to know each other? Do you see personality traits that you admire? Or do you find them to be annoying? Remember this: what we see in others, exists in us…#heart #mirrors #purpose #drive #desire #passion #inspiration #creativity #encouragement


Restoration and Redemption…

I believe in restoration and redemption. All of us, every single one of us has made mistakes. How we deal with others’ mistakes says a lot about us. Are we quick to judge and condemn? The people we love the most will let us down. Human beings, people, are flawed. We have to find a way to love them, even when we don’t like them.

Forgive others. Forgive yourself…#heart #purpose #drive #desire #inspiration #connection #restoration #redemption #encouragement #love



Yes, it’s true. I’m walking out onto the proverbial thin ice to explore prayer. Prayer is kinda messy. I’m certainly no expert, nor am I a novice. But rather than making it more complicated, I want to break it down to what I’ll call the simplicity of praying.

First, to pray means you believe in a Deity who can respond. Second, when we pray, all through the Bible it tells us to “pray expectantly.” David wrote about “laying out his expectations to you” (God) in Psalms, while James wrote about expectant prayer quite emphatically. Believe you have received it, whatever it is, thanking God in advance. This works. It’s not always immediate, but it works.

Finally, pray with gratitude, even when it feels like you’re going through hell. We can find something to be grateful for in all of life’s ugliness.

The prayer God answers immediately? Two audacious words: “Use me.” Be ready if you pray that one! It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s only for the brave…#heart #prayer #purpose #drive #desire #inspiration #encouragement