The Strongest Love…

Women are special! They are! I am a man who recognizes the uniqueness and complexity  of women contrasted by the simplicity of men. Face it guys, we are simple creatures! Women can handle 30+ things at  once, while a man can barely get the trash out on time.

Lets explore what God said about the first woman He created, Eve. For the first six days of the creation story, at the end of each day God observed all that He had created and declared that “it was good“. But God then said that it was “not good” for man to be alone. At that point God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep, removed a rib from Adam’s body and created a woman, whom Adam named Eve. Most importantly, after this occurred God looked at His newest creation and said “this is very good”. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, a range of emotions emerge that cover the entire spectrum from deep love to indifference. Let’s take a look at a few experiences.

The love of a dedicated Mother is unlike any earthly love. It cannot be broken by anyone. My friend  Jenny is pregnant with her second child, a girl, and very soon Jenny, her husband Will and first child Nate will welcome the newest member of their young family. When Jenny and I talk about her children, her entire face beams with love. In fact, she glows.  I believe this is what God meant when He created us in His image, because I can see the light of God in Jenny during moments like this, and it’s magnificent!

Sadly there  are other Mother/child relationships that aren’t so touching. The children  of addicts, abusers, selfish Mothers etc. don’t experience warm, loving feelings on Mother’s Day. They experience conflict. I get that, and these conflicts can cause damage which carries into adulthood.  In some instances untreated emotional scars can manifest into physical illness. And if the cycle of abuse isn’t broken, it continues into future generations causing further damage.

Mother’s Day can be a horrible and dreaded occasion for a Mother who lost a child due to accidental death, cancer or miscarriage. While their friends are being honored and celebrated, these Moms suffer. As do the young women who want so badly to be a Mother but aren’t or can’t be for a variety of reasons.

I believe it is upon us to offer heartfelt admiration to the “Rock-Star” Mothers we know. Their dedication, commitment and selflessness to their families is unsurpassed. But let us offer compassion and kindness to the childless, the abused and the neglected. In fact, as Christians, let’s offer kindness to everyone we encounter. This world could use more kindness…