Surrender, and conquer…

Proverbs 20:24 says, Since The Lord is directing our steps, don’t try to figure out everything that happens along the way.”  We can take that verse several ways. One way would be to sit back, do nothing, and let life happen to us. But notice in the verse it says ‘steps’. Steps is an action word, so my belief is that we must take steps to grow and improve our lives, trusting that God is guiding us to where He wants us to be. Working to advance, improve and grow our lives really is the easy part. Trusting in something we cannot see is the real challenge here. You know, it’s easy to say “God is in charge”, or, “God has a plan”. But how many of us believe that? I have doubts sometimes. I do! And I’m a Believer! Yet, when I take an honest review of my life, I see clear, irrefutable evidence that God had me, guided me and protected me the whole time. To me that is comforting, to know that The Creator of the universe is guiding me. All I have to do is surrender my life to God’s will, and I have to participate. Life is not a spectator sport…it’s a full-on battle. But by surrendering and trusting, I become a conqueror!

I challenge you to fully surrender your will and your life to God. Let’s let Him take us places we have only dreamed about!