Keep the faith…

In Mark, Chapter 6, when Jesus pays a visit to his hometown, the Bible says He couldn’t perform miracles there because of the people’s lack of faith. But, He could do miracles; He chose not to. Why display Divine power when no one believes?

Do we show our faith the same way? Oftentimes, I may pray for something I really really want, yet deep down I don’t believe it will happen. Seeds of doubt, confusion and disbelief take root and cloud the truth. I’m feeling good about myself because I remembered to pray, but merely going through the motions is useless. Why should God show His awesome power through me when my conviction is missing?

Perhaps this is the key to unleashing the unlimited power of our mighty Creator.

Jesus said “If we have  faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Further, God loves us and wants to demonstrate His power through us, lesser-created beings. We may see ourselves as small, but accomplishing God’s will is not about us. It’s about Him doing the unimaginable through us. Remember, everything is possible for God. Everything.

Be patient while waiting on the answer to prayer. Rarely do we get immediate answers.  Patience with never-wavering belief shows our faith.

I love this quote from Mark Batterson: “If our prayers aren’t impossible to us, they are an insult to God.”  So, take a chance. I challenge you to write down your most impossible, outrageous goals, dreams and desires. Ask the Creator to accomplish them through you. Be patient, and believe with mustard seed sized faith. You might move mountains…