In my book, “Killing My Father Then Finding Him” I wrote about the fractured relationship I had with both my parents. They were cruel and abusive, and I never felt like I was good enough. This carried into adulthood. After many years of hard, self-work I was able to rid myself of the need for the approval of others. If you are dealing with this, I encourage you to work on yourself. It isn’t easy, but it will free you from the demons inside your head. You will be free…


One thought on “Acceptance…

  1. Berry Hawkins says:

    Hey John! I sure wish I could share this with my (former) step-daughter. She is reeling from this kind of “looks good on the outside, nothing on the inside” relationship with her parents and rest of the flying monkeys in the family, after coming back into the fold, hoping it would be different. Covert emotional abuse is so sinister. The abuser(s) know how to make it look so good, say the “right” things and leave the abused with water dripping through their hands. Nothing there, really. The facade. So sad.

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