My Interview with Dr. Robb Kelly

Robb Kelly had it all. A Ph.D. from Oxford, a beautiful wife and two daughters, wealth and a growing, thriving business. But he threw it all away because he couldn’t stay sober. He became homeless, tried to kill himself multiple times, yet today he is known as the addiction doctor. Dr. Kelly has helped thousands of people obtain sobriety. Click on the link to watch our lively, sometimes funny and other times deeply emotional interview. The Determined People Podcast

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Interview With Joshua Shea


Joshua Shea was 38 years old. He was a successful businessman, City Council member, founder of a wildly popular film festival, and Joshua had even received the “Key to the City.” In 2014 it all fell apart. Joshua Shea got arrested and went to jail.

Today, Joshua is sober for over seven years, and his life is dedicated to helping individuals and families in their recovery. Josh’s story gives families hope that healing is possible. Hear his remarkable story of redemption and restoration on

The Determined People Podcast

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