Interview With Lori Anderson

Every 13 seconds in America there is a divorce. In the time it takes for a couple to recite their wedding vows, there have been nine divorces. Something isn’t working because the divorce rate rises for second and third marriages, reaching as high as 82%!
Lori Anderson married her high school sweetheart. Divorce never entered her mind…until she got a divorce. In 2013, Lori wrote her first book, “Divorce with Grace. A Book of Hope & Healing.” In the book, Lori gets deeply personal, sharing her story of heartbreak, confusion and pain. Throughout the book, Lori gives the reader steps to take in their lives to heal and eventually…thrive after divorce.

Click on the link to watch our interview:


4 thoughts on “Interview With Lori Anderson

  1. briannechaney says:

    John, may I say, thank you so much for taking the time to do this podcast.. you are absolutely nailing it with the guest you choose! Enjoy listening and learning so much as far as always choosing kindness, with yourself and others.
    Truly is so feasible to do. Honestly is keeping it simple. Through good, bad & the ugly, it’s not just how we come out on the other side… it’s also so nice to know the journey is important, too! Getting a lot out of taking in the positive, caring and with grace is the only way to go.. life is short, reading your blogs & listening to your podcast is something I look forward to..
    Again, thank you.. for your kindness

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    • Yes! Divorce happens, and the faith community needs to take the lead in providing compassion and comfort to the people who are hurting. That’s what Jesus did.
      Thank you for watching and commenting! I appreciate you.

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