On the morning of April 20, 1999 two dark and disturbed young men ended the lives of 12 students and one teacher. The Columbine High School massacre will be etched in our minds and hearts forever.
Rachel Joy Scott was the first child killed that day. Rachel was a unique girl. She didn’t care about popularity, and reached out to other students: kids who were new, kids getting picked on and special needs students. Her ongoing life and legacy is shown through Rachel’s Challenge, the largest, most impactful in-school program in the world which creates safer, more connected schools.
Rest In Peace, Rachel. You did not die in vain…


2 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. briannechaney says:

    For you to remember this, and remind us that need to always remember , too. Is so very important..as a nation we were forever changed that day. And always, after reading this I know for me, I can literally feel the pain in my heart, remembering those images of how the once safe place for all those kids at Columbine, and every school in America.
    I will be saying prayers for those families that lost their loved one so unfairly, 23 years ago, I like to think that no one will ever have to go through what they did that day. John, your kindness,along with the strength of our good lord in how your walking through this life… will always be a light , that so many of us learn from, and realize that we all have something to offer to this hurting world so many unfortunately find themselves having to be subjected to, God bless us all


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