In the United States, we are more divided now than since the Civil War. There’s nothing civil about war. We are weakened and compromised when we stand apart. The media and the politicians are feeding this division, but we do not have to allow it. In truth, we are more alike than we are different. Stand up for what’s right. Let the dividers wallow in their own mess…


2 thoughts on “Divided

  1. briannechaney says:

    John, these current times are so sad, & actually a lil scary to me.. it’s sad that it takes a disaster to get us to come together. My hopes and prayers on a daily basis, is for us to treat eachother kinder, and this judgmental attitude has just got to be replaced with some understanding that it is ok to be different.. actually I think it’s a wonderful thing that we are different, what a boring world we would live in if we all had the same beliefs, likes & dislikes!!!
    I am going to keep believing for great things for 2022!

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