It’s said that patience is a virtue, but I see it as an opportunity when we practice patience. Why do we get upset or angry when traffic is moving slowly. Or if the checkout line at the grocery store is long? These opportunities, and other similar circumstances allow us to slow down, notice the people around us, and perhaps take time to engage with them. Our culture is a culture of busyness, not human connection. We need to connect with others…and stop rushing through life.


3 thoughts on “Patience…

  1. briannechaney says:

    So funny you say this… I was at Customer Service at Walmart, system went down… for at least 30 minutes.. during time of waiting I met the two sweetest ladies, whom were from here.. so I was able to learn a little about Waverly, really enjoyed the visit. It also made the time we had to wait not seem so bad!!!
    Enjoy your words of inspiration, John , thank you

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