This morning I woke up with an overwhelming amount of gratitude. I’m grateful every day, but even more so today. Last night I had a car wreck that could have ended my life and the lives of the young men who hit me. All of us are pretty banged up, but we will heal physically. God protected us, no doubt. He’s not finished with us, and I am forever grateful to Him…


3 thoughts on “Grateful…

  1. Kimberly Hassinger says:


    So glad you’re still alive! God knows our beginning and also our last breath, it wasn’t your time to go. The enemy would like to wipe us all out since he is the father of death, hate, and destruction. That devil even hates and destroys those deceived enough to follow him. I pray that your body recovers quickly from the trauma, and that the Lord will continue to make you the man of God that He desires for your life. 🤗💖


  2. Brianne Bailey- Chaney says:

    John, scary stuff!, very great full no one was hurt to bad..iam feeling blessings on blessings..so much to be grateful for!, that your safe & okay is big!,take care & stay safe


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