We live in a “look at me” culture. Being the center of attention has overtaken common sense in some cases. Do you remember the so-called “influencer” who videoed himself licking a public toilet bowl? He has no influence over me.

Focus on doing what’s right, being kind and compassionate without worrying about getting the attention. These characteristics never go out of style…


2 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. sherirbrowergmailcom says:

    YESSSSSS! Be kind and humble. This needed to be said. I can barely handle watching these influencers” without judging… and several are my close family members. I cannot watch them. I understand and support making a living BUT, not at the expense of losing yourself and ‘doing anything for a buck’ in the process.

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    • Yes, it’s an unusual culture in some ways. I still believe in the goodness of people. Even those who have misguided values.
      Thank you for reading and commenting, Sheri. I appreciate it!


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