Mistaken Identity

All of us have a past, and we have a list of missteps we have taken. Hopefully we have learned and grown from our mistakes, and we have changed. Yet, there will be people who still treat us like we are the same person we were. Let those people go. They don’t know you, nor do they want to know the real you…


2 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity

  1. briannechaney says:

    That is so important… letting people go whom have this preconceived idea of who they think you are, first of all let me say I have had to deal with this most of my adult life…for many reasons, not ever being married, well until I was 5) years old. Personally I learned to find humor in those who took it upon themselves to pass such harsh judgment & usually precede to gossip about me!!
    Why I have learned to find humor in those people, because the God I serve, has a great sense of humor.. almost without fail, as time goes by..usually years . Those exact persons who passed judgment so harshly, what do you know..they find themselves in a bind persay that has them walking in same shoes , just saying.. I do pray for them, and as I predict, they find themself reaching out to me. Trust me I have done my share of making some wrong choices, I leaaffned the hard way about a few things
    Still am…
    I know that it has never changed my heart or soul.. I’m solid as a rock. Will go above and beyond for anyone who wants & needs somebody.
    I don’t care how much money you have, how successful your career was or is…
    We all need someone , at sometime in our life!
    My God has had so much mercy & grace over me & my life
    Feel like there are times when I have blessings falling out of my pockets!!!
    There is no shame in who we are, what we have done i our past does not define the person we are!
    My opinion, makes us a little more interesting, & definitely builds character!!

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