There are people in this world who will act like we are the greatest thing ever, only to turn on us when we don’t allow them to manipulate us. You know the type. Narcissistic personalities have pervaded society, or at least it seems that way.

Narcissists will try to break us down and rebuild us the way they want. They are sick. They see nice people as prey, not as a person who has their own goals, dreams and desires. Narcissists are like ninjas when it comes to manipulating and gaslighting people. They have struck you before you even knew they were trying.

Stand up for yourself. It won’t be easy to learn this lesson. Remember this-God alone has authority over our lives. Let Him guide you through the process of learning…


One thought on “Insane!

  1. Chaney Brianne says:

    John. This one hear is just one of the many I have bookmarked.. I find it to be such a.useful tool that I really need on some days, when I catch myself feeling some type of way, that is very unhealthy on every level!
    I am fairly new to this whole gaslighting behavior…
    The cloth I’m cut from believes there is never a reason or action that deserves cruelty in return
    No it is never ok to treat anyone this way.
    My holy father wraps me in his arms and reminds me. I’m his child, he will always be here for me, and that says it all, right?
    Keeping him close, there isn’t anything I can’t do 💟

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