Opened Eyes

The United States is close to defaulting on their debt unless a deal to raise the debt ceiling is reached. Let’s open our eyes to a bigger threat: China.

We are so dependent upon China for most of our pharmaceuticals and supply-chain products which fuel our economy it’s sickening. Our “leaders” have learned nothing. We could make massive investments in developing countries to flip this to our favor. Yes it would take time and energy, but maintaining the status quo will cripple us in the future. China is building a naval base in Equatorial New Guinea. This is the first naval base on the Atlantic Ocean to be maintained by an enemy of ours. (The Atlantic is one of our borders). We must take the steps to decouple from China while bringing economic prosperity to other countries.

We won’t default. It’s just political theater we go through every few years. Both sides will claim victory and will vilify the other. Email your Congressmen and Senators demanding we solve our biggest problem, which is China…