The Determined People Podcast Interview with Derek Hughes

Derek Hughes is known internationally as The Standup Magician. He learned his craft initially while he was recovering from open heart surgery when he was 10 years old. 

Born to a single mother when she was only 16, Derek grew up without a father in his life, but several mentors emerged as he pursued his calling in performance art. Today, Derek performs all over the world and delights audiences young and old. His greatest performance is as a husband and father. Derek talks openly about the struggles fatherhood brings, from being on the road to filling a role he didn’t have in his life. Don’t miss it. 

Oh, and he’s one of the nicest guys in the entertainment business you will ever meet. Click on the link in my bio to listen. #buttcard #magic #entertainer #fatherhood #agt #agtfinale #magician


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