Where another person places their trust in you, they have allowed themselves to be completely vulnerable to you. This is the highest honor, whether it comes from a close friend, spouse or a teammate. Work hard to maintain that level of honor…#trust #heart #vulnerability #openness #compassion


One thought on “Trust…

  1. Berry Hawkins says:

    Trust is the most important thing you can give someone or receive from someone. It will bond or break a relationship. It is a gift and precious. There is a reason why it can be referred to as “broken”. Once broken, it is difficult to repair, but it can be when sincere actions, not words, are taken.
    Interestingly, it has been my experience that those who live in distrust and accusations toward others, are the persons who most likely are not trustworthy.
    Trust – a very special and necessary ingredient for love. Don’t waste it.


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