How’s It Going?

We are halfway through 2019, so let’s pause for a moment and reflect. How are you doing with your resolutions? What has the year brought you that was unexpected? A new job, disease, divorce, or new and exciting opportunities? Whatever has happened in your life, there is a beautiful lesson here.

We aren’t in control. This statement, which is true, is both humbling and frustrating. If we were in control, only good things would happen to us. We do not have the ability to know how each day will turn out, let alone the year. We can control one thing, and that one thing is our attitude.

What is your attitude going into each day? Grateful? Fearful? Somewhere in between? I leave you with this: approach every day with a spirit of courage. Remember that God is in control, and He didn’t create us to live any other way…#heart #courage #purpose #drive #desire #inspiration #connection #fearless #encouragement #love


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