Failure is unavoidable in an imperfect world. Our response to getting knocked down reveals who we are. When we are on the road to fulfilling our destiny, expect setbacks. Expect a lot of hurdles, failures and frustrations. Do not be deterred. Take solace in knowing you are on the right path when you are experiencing a lot of difficulties. View those “failures” as confirmation…#heart #purpose #drive #desire #action #connection #inspiration #influence #passion #destiny #encouragement #love


One thought on “Failure…

  1. Berry says:

    A great reminder.
    The Bible tells us when we are doing God’s work, living the life God has planned for us, getting close to a victory or breakthrough for God’s Glory, the enemy will press harder. Satan wants us to believe in failure. God makes ALL things good when we trust in Him and continue on His path.
    Do not be disheartened by what seem to be setbacks. The Lord watches over us and uses all things for His good. God IS good. He loves us and is faithful beyond our understanding.


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