Fear can actually be a good thing. Healthy fear can save our lives. As an example, think about the times you’ve met someone and they give you a creepy vibe. You can’t explain it, it just is. Avoiding that person is usually the wisest choice.

Unhealthy fear can paralyze you. You imagine the worst so you hide, avoid and deny the situation exists. Your fears become your god.

So how do we break through them? You have heard it before, you face your fears. Head on. Straight up. Maybe this time you decide to listen to the call and fight through what previously held you down. Your confidence grows. Your inner light shines. You realize this freedom you thought was only available to others has been there for you the whole time. Do it! Show the world the real you…#heart #drive #desire #purpose #freedom #passion #connection #encouragement #fearless #love #inspiration


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